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Haya Sehgal is a Pakistani model currently engaged in both modelling and acting. She was born on 3rd march 1984 in Lahore. Her original name was Haya Ali, but she changed it to Sehgal. Haya is extremely fond of her mom and is very close to her. She once said that “If anyone wants to remove my soul, they would have to remove my mom”.


Haya’s career started with a Punjabi comedy movie ‘Dane Pe Dana’. After two, she got the chance to act in the Bollywood movie ‘Dil pardesi ho gaya’. After receiving some fame after that movie she got the chance to act in some Pakistani dramas. Her famous drama names are ‘Qismat’ on ARY digital, Beechari on PTV and much more. She has also worked in many brand commercials and is also the brand ambassador of quite a few brands. In 2016, she worked in the Pakistani movie “Sikander” a romantic action thriller based on real events directed by newbie Moammar Rana.


Haya loves traveling. She likes to go out of her country to travel and explore. She has been to Singapore and Thailand. She loves spending time with her family and makes sure she gives them enough time from her schedule. She also exercises daily on her treadmill and swims when it is summer. She loves visiting theme parks and her favourite ride is the Ferris wheel. She is also very fond of Indian cinema and has said in an interview that actresses like Kareena Kapoor khan and Madhuri Dixit Nene inspire her to do good work.

Bollywood experience:

Although she already has worked in “Dil pardesi ho Gaya” she was seen attending the premier of the film “Rakt” in 2013 directed by Adi Irani and Shiva rindan. Haya has worked with prominent celebrities like Qaiser Khan, Nazamani, Sangeeta, Laila Zubair and more.


Haya fears death by car accidents. This is why she hasn’t learned driving till now.

Marital status:

Haya is single but will only marry a Pakistani male.


Her favorite food is Italian. She really likes the color black.

Haya Sehgal

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