How To Brighten Face with Nutmeg Seed Mask

Brighten Face with Nutmeg Seed Mask

Nutmeg seeds is a type of spice popular in cooking, no doubt have many properties. Since ancient times, this commodity is very important. Plants derived from the Banda Islands and Maluku Island also has benefits for health, skin, face, and beauty.

Nutmeg seed can be male and female nutmeg. The leaves have a svelte elliptical shape, while the fruit is oval-shaped like lemon, yellow, fleshy and has a distinctive aroma because of essential oils in the flesh.

When it is ripe, the skin and flesh will open and the beans will look wrapped in red.

Nutmeg seed not only benefit your health but also is good for beauty, for example to treat acne. Nutmeg seeds can also be used to treat facial beauty such as smoothing, refreshing, brightening, healthy and also remove acne on facial skin.

  • Take powdered seeds of nutmeg and pure honey to taste
  • Mix both and stir them evenly
  • Then apply the mask to the face evenly
  • Let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Wash with clean water
  • Dry with a soft towel by gently tapping the face, do not rub because it can damage the skin.

The nutmeg mask mask you made above can also be useful as an antiseptic, removing red spots, removing bacteria and smoothing skin tone on your face.

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