Top 10 Most Famous Pakistani TikTokers

Top 10 Most Famous Pakistani TikTokers

It is safe to mention that you simply are anxious to believe the foremost recent patterns of diversion in Pakistan? Assuming this is often the case, you’re at the perfect spot. lately the sensation of diversion of bunches of people has gone wide. in order that they generally look for new and intriguing methods for entertainment only that carry delight and vivacity because it were.

Coming to TikTok, it’s an application for amusement where the clients make short recordings by matching up their lips with the mood melodies or other audio cues. it’s overwhelmed all the enjoyment sweethearts in Pakistan and every one through the world . TikTok is one among the top-positioned applications and its number of downloads has surpassed 500 million.

Like different nations, TikTok is blasting in Pakistan too. The clients of this application are developing immensely in Pakistan. there’s nothing amiss with saying that TikTok clients are arising to be stars and large names and that they have a unprecedented fan following on TikTok.

Here we are getting to refresh you about the ten best TikTok superstars of Pakistan with extraordinary fan-following. you’ll check out the accompanying rundown of the most ten Pakistani TikTokers.

Jannat Mirza (TikTok ID: @jannatmirza)

Top 10 Most Famous Pakistani TikTokers
Jannat Mirza

Jannat Mirza is as of now one among the foremost acclaimed Pakistani TikTokers. She is merely 20 years aged and possesses a lot of fans at such a youthful age. Jannat features a place with Faisalabad and she or he has been an Arts understudy. Be that because it may, as lately she moved to Japan with the top goal of advanced education.

Jannat may be a sparkling star of TikTok with 4.6m adherents and she or he has 54.4m hearts.

Pinky Francis (TikTok ID: @pinkyfrancis)

Top 10 Most Famous Pakistani TikTokers
Pinky Francis

This girl may be a Pakistani client of TikTok who is shaking at the stage. She is UAE based. Pinky Francis makes various recordings during which there are entertaining discoursed in Urdu. She additionally makes video cuts that include different melodies. These recordings are additionally engaging and individuals like to follow her profile.
Pinky Francis likewise adores making joint recordings together with her companions even as different clients of TikTok. These kinds of joint efforts are similarly diverting. She has 2.7m fans on TikTok and has 38.8m hearts.

Zulqarnain Sikandar (TikTok ID: @ch.zulqarnain25)

Top 10 Most Famous Pakistani TikTokers
Zulqarnain Sikandar

Zulqarnain Sikandar may be a prevalently respected Pakistani TikToker. He makes amusing recordings on TikTok and engages his adherents. he’s an innovative individual and his recordings are brimming with articulations.

As of now, he has 3.8m devotees on TikTok and that they are expanding with time since individuals love his recordings. He has 165.5m hearts till now.

Reeja Jeelani (TikTok ID: @reejajeelani)

Top 10 Most Famous Pakistani TikTokers
Reeja Jeelani

Reeja Jeelani isn’t just documented on TikTok, however she additionally has a fantastic fan-following on different stages. They incorporate Dubsmash,, and Instagram.

Individuals perceive her the foremost on these stages as a results of two things. to start out with, her lip-matching up ability and second, her cosmetics aptitudes. Reeja generally makes her recordings on slanting melodies and sensational exchanges. the number of adherents she has on TikTok is 502.2k and she or he has 4.5m hearts.

Pir Ahmad (TikTok ID: @pirahmed)

Top 10 Most Famous Pakistani TikTokers
Pir Ahmad

Pir Ahmad is another adaptable TikTok star. His profile is brimming with moderate movement recordings, exchanges and monologs video content. He generally makes whatever he enjoys. This is the explanation he is mainstream among his fans. They love his uniqueness and his style.

He is one of the delegated musers. Pir Ahmad is following his energy and he is the correct way. Pir Ahmad has 787k adherents and he has 13.5m hearts on TikTok.

Nouman Rizwan Khan (TikTok ID: @Bboyjonty)

Top 10 Most Famous Pakistani TikTokers
Nouman Rizwan Khan

Nauman is very passionate about Bollywood as well as Desi music. Often times, he features his dance moves, emotions and on-point expressions in his videos.

Nouman Rizwan Khan has a verified account and his number of followers is 169.6k He has got 2.6m hearts on TikTok.

Ibrahim (TikTok ID: @ibrahimm007)

Top 10 Most Famous Pakistani TikTokers

He’s documented for creating adaptable substance. It contains discoursed, monologs, quick music, and so on. He has immaculate planning that creates his recordings faultless.

Ibrahim has 439.7k dynamic adherents on TikTok and he has 6.7m hearts. His fan following is expanding step by step.

Anum (TikTik ID: @Anumasad)

Top 10 Most Famous Pakistani TikTokers
Anum Asad

Anum features a pretty face and an alluring character. She has a lot of recordings that include her clobber acting abilities. Anum’s discourse decision is just great!

Anum has 1.2m hearts on TikTok. Her number of devotees is 326k. She has likewise been included during a portion of the notable Pakistani dramatizations.

Yasir Hussain (TikTok ID: @hussain.yasir)

Top 10 Most Famous Pakistani TikTokers
Yasir Hussain

Yasir Hussain is one of the well known stars of Pakistan. He is a multi-skilled superstar from Islamabad. Yasir Hussain isn’t only an understand screenwriter, entertainer, and host however he likewise has an extraordinary fan following being a TikToker.

He posts loads of comical TikTok recordings on standard premise and engage his adherents. Right now he has around 322.8k devotees and he has 1.2m hearts on the profile.

Romaisa khan

Top 10 Most Famous Pakistani TikTokers
Romaisa khan

Romaisa khan is another celebrated Pakistani superstar . She’s an astonishing chief, entertainer, and model. She has 750.9k followers on TikTok and has 6.6m hearts on her profile and growing day by day.
What’s more, the rundown proceeds since there are a lot of other Pakistani TikTokers with colossal fan followings. Remember to enlighten the per users concerning your most loved TikTokers. Additionally, give their names and profile interfaces within the remark segment underneath.

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