What is China Famous For?

What is China Famous For?

Below is the general table sheet giving the data from Wikipedia about China.

Largest salt producer, 70,000,000 tonsIndustry2012
Largest sheep meat producerAgriculture2013
Highest agricultural sector outputEconomy2014
Highest industrial sector outputEconomy2014
Largest police force, 1,600,000 officersEconomy2007
Largest rice producer, output of 204,300,000 tonsAgriculture2012
Largest wheat producer, output of 121.7 million metric tonsAgriculture2013
Largest garlic producer, output of 20,000,000 tonsAgriculture2012
Largest tangerine producer, output of 14,152,000 tonsAgriculture2007
Largest peach and nectarine producer, output of 11,500,000 tonsAgriculture2011
Largest plum and sloe producer, output of 5,372,899 tonsAgriculture2009
Largest persimmon producer, output of 3,259,334 tonsAgriculture2011
Largest tomato producer, output of 33,911,702 tonsAgriculture2008
Largest watermelon producer, output of 70,000,000 tonsAgriculture2012
Largest chestnut producer, output of 1,700,000 tonsAgriculture2011
Largest walnut producer, output of 1,700,000 tonsAgriculture2012
Largest peanut producer, output of 16,700,000 tonsAgriculture2012
Largest eggplant producer, output of 28,800,000 tonsAgriculture2012
Largest carrot and turnip producer, output of 16,906,000 tonsAgriculture2012
Largest potato producer, output of 88.9 million metric tonsAgriculture2013
Largest cabbage producer, output of 32,800,000 tonsAgriculture2012
Largest cauliflowers and broccoli producer, output of 9,500,000 tonsAgriculture2012
Largest spinach producer, output of 18,782,961 tonsAgriculture2011
Largest lettuce and chicory producer, output of 13,500,000 tonsAgriculture2013
Largest asparagus producer, output of 7,350,000 tonsAgriculture2012
Largest onion and shallot producer, output of 20,817,295 tonsAgriculture2008
Largest fish producer, output of 49,467,275 tonsAgriculture2005
Largest aquatic plants producer, output of 11,163,675 tonsAgriculture2005
Largest grape producer, output of 9,600,000 tonsAgriculture2012
Largest honey producer, output of 436,000 tonsAgriculture2012
Largest mushroom and truffle producer, output of 5,008,850 tonsAgriculture2011
Largest cotton producer, output of 11,400,000 tonsAgriculture2005
Largest silk producer, output of 290,003 tonsAgriculture2005
Largest tea producer, output of 1,623,000 tonsAgriculture2011
Largest tobacco producer, output of 2,298,800 tonsAgriculture2000
Largest livestock of domestic sheep, 136,400,000 headsAgriculture2008
Largest livestock of domestic pig, 425,600,000 headsAgriculture2007
Largest pork (pig meat) producer, output of 56,096,000 tonAgriculture2013
Largest rice consumer, 156.3 million metric tons per yearConsumption2009
Largest car market, 23,722,890 vehiclesConsumption, Transport2014
Largest population, 1,371,100,000Demographics2015 (July 23)
Largest labour force, 797,600,000Demographics, Economy2013
Largest electricity consumer, 5,463,800,000,000 MW·h per yearConsumption, Energy2014
Largest electricity producer, 5,649,500,000,000 GWhEnergy2014
Largest wind power producer, 114,763 MWEnergy2014
Largest renewable energy producer, 1,300 TW·h per yearEnergy2014
Largest hydroelectricity producer, 652.05 TW·h per yearEnergy2009
Largest coal producer, 3,650 million tonsEnergy, Industry2012
Largest wind turbine producerEnergy2009
Largest solar panel producerEnergy, Industry2009
Largest photovoltaics producer, output of 10,852 MWEnergy, Industry2010
Most carbon dioxide emissions, 10,330,000,000 metric tonsEnvironment2013
Largest forex reserves, $3,899,285,000,000Finance2014
Largest exporter, $2,252,000,000,000Finance2014
Highest current account balance, $213,800,000,000Finance2012
Highest elevation above the sea level, 8,848 m (29,029 ft) at Mount Everest (shared with Nepal)Geography2009
Longest land border length, 22,117 km (22,147 km if Hong Kong and Macao, the two special administrative regions are counted)Geography2009
Most countries bordered, 14 (16 if Hong Kong and Macao, the two special administrative regions are counted), the same number as with RussiaGeography2009
Largest gold producer, 450 tonnesIndustry2014
Largest aluminium producer, 23,300,000 tonsIndustry2014
Largest antimony producer, 120,000 tonsIndustry2010
Largest arsenic producerIndustry2012
Largest bismuth producer, 7,600 tonsIndustry2014
Largest cadmium producer, 3,000 tonsIndustry2005
Largest cement producer, 2,480,000,000 tonsIndustry2013
Largest fluorite producer, 3,000,000 tonsIndustry2006
Largest iron producer, 1,500,000,000 tonsIndustry2014
Largest manganese producer, 6,000,000 tonsIndustry2006
Largest mercury producer, 1,150 tonsIndustry2005
Largest tractor producer, vehiclesIndustry2010
Largest pulp and paper producer, 99,300 tonsIndustry2011
Largest steel producer, 822,698,000 tonsIndustry2014
Largest steel producer, 543,748,000 tonsIndustry2009
Largest strontium producer, 700,000 tonsIndustry2005
Largest tin reserves, 1,500,000 tonsIndustry2011
Largest tungsten producer, 52,000 tonsIndustry2011
Largest zinc producer, 3,100,000 tonsIndustry2009
Largest motor vehicle producer, 23,722,890 vehicles per yearIndustry, Transport2014
Largest army by number of active troops, 2,285,000 troopsMilitary2005
Best performance at women’s badminton Uber Cup, 13 times winnerSports2014
Best performance at World Badminton Championships, 58 gold medals wonSports2014
Best performance at World Amateur Go Championship, 20 winsSports2014
Best performance at World Table Tennis Championships, 35 team winsSports2009
Best performance at World Weightlifting Championships (women), 159 gold medals, 266 total medalsSports2014
Highest GDP (PPP)Economy2014
Highest rate of execution per year, officially not released.at least 1700 (estimated)Demographics2009
Leading surveillance society according to the Privacy InternationalSurveillance2007
Most internet users, 618,110,314Technology2013
Most main line phones, 269,910,000Technology2011
Most mobile cellular phones, 1,276,660,000Technology2014
Highest International tourism expenditure, $164.9 billionTourism2014
Largest total length of waterways, 110,000 kmTransport2011
Largest total length of high-speed railways, 16,000 kmTransport2014
Largest total length of controlled-access highways, 111,950 kmTransport2014
Largest total length of rapid transit systems, 2255 kmTransport2014
Longest subway tunnel section, Line 3, Guangzhou Metro, 60,400 m (198,163 ft)Structures2010
Tallest dam, Jinping-I Dam, 305 m (1,001 ft)Structures2014
Longest bridge, Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge, 164,800 m (540,700 ft)Structures, Transport2011
Longest building, Great Wall of China, 8,851.8 kmStructures
Most books published per year (new titles and re-editions), 440,000Culture2013
Top position at World Chess Rankings (women), top 10 players average Elo rating of 2496Sports2015

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