Adelajda Xhamani

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Artist Birtday : 14/04/1986 (Age 2017)
Occupation(s) : Singer
Genres : pop

Adelajda Xhamani was a teacher from Kavaja. She taught language and literature, and literature was her greatest passion. She lived with her family, but they never approved her request to enter Big Brother in 2009. This gave her more strength than she was competing to move on in this reality show. She considered himself stubborn, but sweet, original and sincere. In addition to her desire to participate in Big Brother, she also wanted to fight the difficult mentality that existed in her city. Adelajda has stated that she has entered Big Brother to win. Adelajda went to second place.

Adela Xhamani finished his studies in Literature and after becoming part of the television world, he followed her passion for literature and writing, becoming part of journalism. For years Adelajda worked in the pink press. She currently held the post of editor-in-chief in a magazine, while she was often invited to TV studios to talk about the showbiz world.

Adelajda Xhamani
Adelajda Xhamani

In music, Adelajda is remembered for participating in the Magic Song 2010, in duo with Bjordin. The song was composed and arranged by Darko Dimitrov, while the lyrics were written by Pirro Çako. She has also been the guest of several Albanian festivals.

Today, she is found dead in her apartment. The journalist died in the early morning hours as a result of a cardiac arrest. Blut suggests that the 31-year-old has been found by her close friend. He has been one of the most beloved characters for the public, at a time when realities such as BB were not what they are today. He recently worked on News 24 channel, but recently he was a journalist at the FAX news. In an Instagram post at the end of September, Adel called on her followers to congratulate her on this new program that would focus on politics and tell the Albanians the truths they all want to hear.

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