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A vegetable used in cooking and gives your food an amazing tastes to your food. Apart from the cook tool garlic has some medicinal properties. It has a repelling smell but Garlic has been used throughout the history for curing many problems. Well you can also keep the vampires out by hanging garlic on your door (sorry vamps oopss) but it can also be proven as a miracle worker for a lot of your health problems.

Recent studies and research support garlic as a miracle worker. Use the benefits of garlic for your health and it does not disappoint.

High blood pressure and cholesterol

Recent studies Suggest and has proven that garlic is very beneficial for cholesterol and high blood pressure. Ankara University’s research states “garlic extract supplementation improves blood lipid profile, strengthens blood antioxidant potential, and causes significant reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressures. It also leads to a decrease in the level of oxidation product (MDA) in the blood samples, which demonstrates reduced oxidation reactions in the body.”

Patients with high blood pressure and high cholesterol consumed one garlic clove a day and have noticed a miraculous change in their cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Reduces heart diseases

Consuming Garlic clove reduces the risk of a heart attack. Garlic juice burns the fats around the hearts vascular walls. The studies have not yet confirmed that it works for every patient but most of the test subjects showed signs of improvement from use of the garlic in their daily routine life.

Treats hyper tension

Due to its oxidative properties Garlic has proven to sooth nerves in the brain, it has proven to reduce hypertension and release stress.

Infections and virals

 Garlic has been long known for its microbial properties. Not a lot of research has been conducted in this area but it has shown signs in few of test subjects for curing infections. Garlic has shown a good amount of efficiency in curing common cold thou.


Garlic has been used in remedies from many centuries. All the recent popularity has invited many researchers to work on more properties of garlic. Good for health or not, curing diseases or not but garlic does adds a splendorous taste to food.

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