How to find your own Mobily number without Balance

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Find your own Mobily number without balance in Saudi Arabia

So you are here because you lost your Mobily Sim card number and now you don’t have balance to find your own Mobily number without balance. Mobily is one of the top mobile services in saudi arabia. it is an official brand of Etihad Etisalat and is launched in Saudi Arabia in 2004.
Some times we are careless or we forget about our old Sim Cards. but when we need it, there is no balance in it and we certainly don’t remember its number, Here i will help you in finding your own Mobily Number without balance.

To find your Mobily Number:   *222#

Here are Some more helpful Mobily Codes:

How to Check Balance in Mobily: *1411# or call 1100
How to check remaining Internet Data in Mobily:   *1422#
Call Mobily Customer service:  1100

How to Recharge Mobily Number:*1400*Card Number*ID/Iqama Number#

How to Send a free “Call me back” (Kalemni) Message from Mobily number:
Dail *188#  and send now enter number you want to send message to. click the options and click send.   (You can send 3 “Call me back” free Kalemni messages in one day)

How to Know how many Mobily Sim Cards are registered on your ID/Iqama:Send an empty Message to 616166

Mobily official Website :

How to Send Money from one Mobily number to another:*123*Number*Amount#
Number will be the mobily number you want to send money to.

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