5 Best Methods to Connect Android Mobile to LED TV


Let us know today that if you have an LED TV and android mobile, then you must have thought about connecting it to your phone at some time. You might also want to know what is the method how to connect android with LED TV. As we all know, our phone screen is much smaller than a TV. However, it is enough for any one person’s entertainment. But if more than one person wants to be entertained, then it requires a big screen, in which TV is the best option.

Earlier, there used to be normal TV, which used to be very smooth to connect a mobile. But now there has been a lot of development in technology, we have got led tv which is very easy to connect a smartphone. To connect Android Mobile to LED TV, you will need some things, whose information is given below. After connecting both, you can watch music, songs, videos or games on your smartphone in your TV.

How to connect Android Phone with LED TV

At present, there are two types of led tv, first smart and second non-smart. If you have a smart TV, then you get a lot of options to connect to the smartphone. In which the easiest way is wifi, the same non-smart led tv requires cable. So to connect Android Mobile to LED TV, you have to read this post carefully because in this we are going to tell you the ways of both smart and non-smart TVs.

By the way, there are many ways to connect any Android mobile to TV, using which you can easily play TV from your phone. But here we are telling you the simplest and most commonly used method. On one hand, this feature of connecting in smart TV exists first. At the same time, in non-smart TV, if you need a wire or cable, then let us know how to do it.

1. USB Cable

USB is most commonly used to connect TV to a mobile. This works for those people who use non smart led TV. This is the easiest way that everyone can try, along with the USB cable is also found with most people.

  • First, connect one end of the USB cable to the LED TV port.
  • Connect the other end of the cable to the charging port of Android Mobile.
  • After this you have to select the option of file transfer in your mobile and turn it on.
  • Now in the TV, you have to go to the menu and select USB cable, this will cause the files present in the mobile to appear on the TV.
  • With this, now you can easily watch the movie on your mobile on TV.

2. Micro HDMI Cable

If your TV is not supporting USB cable then you can use Micro HDMI Cable here. If you do not have a micro HDMI cable then you can buy it from the market. Apart from this, this online shopping site will also be found in Amazon. However, before this, you have to check whether the micro HDMI cable is supported in your TV. If given, follow the steps given below to connect Android Mobile to LED TV.

  • First of all you have to connect one port of your Micro HDMI Cable to the TV while connecting the other port to the mobile.
  • After this you have to go to the TV menu and select HDMI in the input there.
  • After doing this, your mobile screen will start to appear on the TV after which you can watch your favorite video or movie in TV.

3. WiFi

If you have a smart LED TV, then you do not need to buy any cable as you can connect your TV and Android mobile via WiFi. Today, almost all smart TVs feature wifi.

  • So first you have to turn on your mobile hotspot.
  • After this, go to your TV and scan it with wifi on there.
  • Once the name of the mobile hotspot in WiFi is connected to it.
  • With this, you can watch your mobile file on TV.

4. Bluetooth

You get this feature only in Smart Led TV. We all know that you transfer files via Bluetooth and this is a very old method. But now this feature is also being offered in TV, with the help of which you will be able to connect both your mobile and TV.

  • For this, first turn on Android Mobile’s Bluetooth.
  • Now go to the TV menu and scan the Bluetooth as soon as you turn on it and connect both.
  • After connecting to Bluetooth, your mobile files will start appearing in led tv from where you can play and watch any movie or video.

5. Chromecast

Chromecast is one such device from Google. Through which you can connect your mobile to computer or LED TV, it looks like a pen drive. You will find it in the online shopping site, if you have to connect the computer to the mobile then you have to install it in the USB port of the laptop. Similarly, to connect the TV, plug it into the USB port of the TV. With its help, you can comfortably view the display of your mobile, computer or laptop on LED TV. Chromecast uses the mobile’s WIFI signal.

  • First, plug the Chromecast device into the USB port of your TV.
  • Now go to TV Settings and select Chromecast.
  • Install Chromecast’s application in the computer or mobile phone you want to connect to your TV.
  • After this you have to turn on mobile wifi and connect Chromecast to wifi.
  • After connecting, your mobile display will start appearing in Led TV.

So now you must have known that android mobile ko led tv se kaise connect kare If you have a non smart LED TV then it should use USB Cable or Micro HDMI Cable to connect to mobile. At the same time, users with smart TV have many options, they can use any of them. In this way, you can connect the TV to the mobile using the methods mentioned above and after that you will be able to play the video and movie in your mobile on your LED TV.

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