Halwai Jaisa Gajar Halwa Recipe – How To Make Gajar Ka Halwa Like Home

Gajar Halwa

Halwai Jaisa Gajar Halwa Recipe : Today We Are Going To Tell You How You Can Make Carrot Halwa Like Confectioner At Home. Because Winter Has Come, In Such A Situation, If You Do Not Eat Carrot Pudding, Then What Is The Use Of Winter, Then Definitely Try It Once.

Halwai Jaisa Gajar Halwa Recipe – How to make carrot halwa like market?

Let Me Tell You That The Best Dessert In Winter Is Gajar Ka Halwa Which Is Made By Mixing Milk, Ghee And Sugar. It Is Usually A Little Difficult To Make At Home Because It Takes Some Effort To Make It. But From Child To Child. This Halwa Is Everyone’s Favorite Till The Elders. To Make This Pudding Even Better, Khoya Is Used. And Cardamom Is Added To It, Which Gives It A Great Taste. If Guests Have Come To Your House, Then You Can Make Carrot Pudding Can Be Served. You Can Easily Make It At Home.

Ingredients Required ( Halwai Jaisa Gajar Halwa Recipe)

  1. Fresh Carrot – 1 Kg
  2. Sugar – 400 Grams
  3. Khoya / Mawa – 500 Grams
  4. Cardamom Powder – 1 Tsp
  5. Cashew – 8 To 10
  6. Almonds – 8 To 10
  7. Pure Ghee – 4 Tsp

Gajar Halwa Recipe with Khoya – How to make Gajar Halwa with Khoya

In This Recipe, We Will Show You How To Make Gajar Ka Halwa With Khoya.

First Of All, You Have To Wash All The Carrots Thoroughly With Water. Peel All The Carrots With The Help Of A Knife. And Then All The Carrots Have To Be Grated With The Help Of A Grater And Keep Aside.

Now Take A Pen And Turn On The Gas And Heat It By Adding 2 Spoons Of Native Ghee. Now Reduce The Flame To Medium And Fry Cashew Nuts And Almonds Till They Become Golden. And Keep It To Cool Down. Remove The Ghee From The Pen.

Prepare like this 

Now Put Khoya In This Pan And Fry It For 5 Minutes While Stirring Continuously. You Can Make Small Pieces Of Khoya So That It Gets Roasted Quickly. Now Take Out The Khoya And Keep It Aside In A Bowl. Now Put Grated Carrot In It. Give It A Go And Roast It For 5 Minutes. Then You Have To Add Sugar To It, Now Sugar And Carrot Have To Be Mixed Well. And Cook For 10 Minutes On Medium Flame On The Gas And Keep The Pan Aside. Keep Running It In Between. So That It Does Not Stick To The Bottom.

Now Remove The Lid And Put 2 Spoons Of Desi Ghee In It And Add Cardamom Powder, Mix It And Let It Cook On Low Flame For 1 Minute. Now You Have To Mix The Roasted Mawa And Mix The Carrot And Mawa Well.

Now Put Half The Dry Fruits In It And Keep The Rest Of The Dry Fruits Aside. Now Mix The Halwa Well. Now Switch Off The Gas After 1 Minute. Now Your Carrot Halwa Is Ready. Garnish It With The Remaining Dry Fruits And Serve It.

Hope You And The Guests Will Like It.

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