8 Ways to identify Genuine and Fake gold

gold is real or fake

From a festival to a wedding, people shop for gold. Jewelry has special significance in Pakistani and Indian tradition, especially jewelry made of gold. Whether it is a wedding or a festival, a lot of demand for gold can be seen in them. However, even today there are many people who have questions about how gold is identified because on the next day, there are complaints of adulteration in pure gold. According to some reports, even today, fake gold is being sold indiscriminately in the market.

Even today there are many people who do not know about the identity of real and pure gold. In such a situation, people spend their hard-earned money by buying adulterated gold. If you want to buy gold, then you should know about its purity. Explain that silver, copper and zinc are adulterated in the name of gold and this adulteration is done in such a way that it is not detected even when seen in general.

How to identify genuine and fake gold

Many people view Gold as a business because they can earn good money by investing in it. The price of gold is continuously increasing if you buy and keep gold now. So when its price will increase, you can earn good money by selling it, but there is a problem in it and if you buy fake gold, then all your money can be lost. In this case, you should know its original and duplicate gold.

1. Testing with a magnet

Actually gold is not a magnetized metal. In this case, you can do a magnetic test. If you are skeptical about your gold jewelry, then you have to take a strong magnet to your gold. If your gold jewelry attracts even a little bit, then you have to understand that your jewelry has been adulterated. To avoid adulteration, you should buy gold only after doing magnet test.

2. Acid Test

For this, you have to make a small scratch with a pin in gold. After this, a couple of drops of nitric acid have to be put in that scratched place. If the color of gold immediately turns green, then it means adulteration in gold. On the other hand, if the drop of nitric acid in gold has no effect, then gold is real to you.

3. Identify with water

This is the easiest way to identify pure gold. Put two glasses of water in a dark bowl, after which put your gold jewelry in it. If after a while the gold jewelry is seen floating, then it has been adulterated somewhere. Real gold never floats in water, other than that there is no rust in gold.

4. Take help of ceramic plate

Explain that pure gold can also be identified from ceramic plate. For this, you have to bring a ceramic plate from the market and watch your gold jewelry in it. If there is a black mark on the plate, then the gold is fake. If there is a light golden color on the plate, then the gold is real.

5. Toothed

It is also the easiest way to find out the purity of a gold. For which you have to keep the gold in your teeth for a while by pressing it lightly. If its mark is made on gold, then gold is real because gold is a soft metal. In which marks are easily made as gold is soft, due to this, some other metal is added to it to make its jewelry.

6. Must See Hallmark

If you go shopping to buy gold jewelry, then you must look at the hallmark on gold because it contains information related to pure gold.

7. Pay attention to the color of jeweler

For your information, please tell that 22 carat gold is bright yellow. There is a Strong Yellow of 18 Carat and a Gold Light Yellow of less than 18 Carat. In this case, you must also pay attention to its color.

8. Identify by smell

If gold smells like a coin when exposed to sweat, then you have to understand that gold has been adulterated. Because real gold never smells. Also you may see black or green spots on impure gold.

So now you must know how to identify genuine and fake gold if you have any gold jewelry and your doubt remains on it. So you can remove your doubt by trying the method mentioned above. If you want to buy new jewelry then always buy gold from a reliable jeweler because gold is an expensive metal. For which you have to pay big amount, you should always be cautious.

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