Top 10 Beautiful Pakistani Girls

Sanya Shahzad

Now a day Pakistani girls are becoming a part of media and entertainment industry. A lot of young girls also joined the craze of becoming celebrity. The natural looks, cuteness and innocence makes them perfect for showbiz. These girls have achieved success so far with skill, talent and beauty. Lets have a glance into such beautiful girls of Pakistan.

1- Mahnur E Haider

Mahnur E Haider is a real beauty in the earth, she is basically a model and she is very sincere with her work, She’s made bold choices in her career and they’ve always worked out for her. we wish she never stop and get success day by day.

2- Hira Attique

Hira Attique is the co-Owner of the “HER & HEM” A Fashion blog, she is extremely pretty and she’s becoming fashion icon day by day for youth.

3- Sanya Shahzad

Sanya Shahzad is a great singer, you should listen to her song, I bet you, you will forget every thing after listening to her voice. she is also a beauty from heaven.

4- Mariam Khan

Another pretty face with a lot of talent, she is beautiful, talented and will be the finest doctor in the town.

5- Maria Unera Khan

here’s the another pretty face with beautiful voice ye Maria Unera khan is the one of the finest singer and song writer in the town with a good looking personality.

6- Laila Ali Khan

Laila Ali Khan had a literally pretty face, she is ramp model and she signs with most of the famous brands in Pakistan.

7- Sehar Hayat

Sehar Hayat is a famous Pakistani tictok star, she has over 1M Tictok fans and 330k+ Instagram followers. She is the queen gathering million of hearts on tictok everyday.

8- Zoha Zuberi

A singer, AN Artist and A traveler, she has a lot of talent, she is the finest beauty not only Pakistan but the world.

9- Rehmat Ajmal

The contender, Rehmat, is proudly delightful. She’s settled on intense decisions in her vacation and they’ve generally worked out for her. She’s been killing in demonstrating efforts, in the previous year, and we trust she never stops.

10- Alyzeh Gabol

There is scarcely any individual who doesn’t perceive Alyzeh’s excellent face. She’s been the face for different brands and attire lines, and individuals can’t get enough of her. Furthermore, we don’t believe she will be ousted, at any point in the near future.

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