7 Cell Phone Habits that can Kill all your Relationships


Smartphones are associated with modern life. It greatly affects many aspects, your relationship is no exception.

Here are 7 phone habits that can damage any relationship you have, whether as a spouse, lover, or friend or colleague.

1. Don’t let the other person know what you’re laughing at

Your partner will not be comfortable when you are together and you enjoy something on your smartphone. They will also feel insecure, jealous when you are laughing at something they don’t know. This situation is very easy to handle, you just need to let them know what you are watching and share the funny thing with them.

2. Keep your phone with you

Keep your phone with you

When we leave the room, we all subconsciously take our phones with us. Sometimes, your phone feels like it’s tied to your hand. This habit will have a number of consequences, the first is making the other person feel like you are hiding something, leading to lack of trust, jealousy, increasing tension between the two.

Second, if you always hold your phone, you will respond to all notifications immediately, forget about the real world, forget about the person next to you. Instead of spending time with the important person, you are always distracted and engrossed in checking what is happening on Facebook, Instagram…

3. Hug each other but don’t forget the phone

Hug each other

A few years ago, talking while looking at the phone was considered rude and unacceptable behavior, but now it is common. It is easy to see the scene of a group of friends or lovers hanging out together, but each person is glued to the smartphone in his hand.

4. Must check all notices immediately

must all

The amount of information a device can bring is limitless. It seems that if we don’t check right away, we will miss something very important, but it is not. To fix it, you should only turn on notifications for important news and keep silent for the rest. We waste a lot of time checking notifications. If you save this time, you will have many opportunities to spend time with your loved ones.

5. Reply to work emails after hours

Reply to work emails

You and your spouse are both busy. It is difficult to measure the importance of work to each person. Although answering work emails/calls out of hours is normal for you, it’s… unusual for others. Don’t forget there is someone waiting for your interest. You can completely reply to work emails at another time without playing time with the kids or having dinner with the family.

6. Have dinner while looking at your phone

Have dinner

In the modern world, everyone is in a hurry and busy, so dinner is seen as a real opportunity to connect with one another. Make sure your phone is off during dinner. It’s ridiculous that we live together under the same roof and become strangers just because of the lack of conversation and time together.

7. Use emoji instead of action

use emoji with action

With the influence of smartphones, we begin to forget about tenderness, caring, showing affection, supporting each other. First, we send pictures, then we replace kisses with… emoji. Psychologists believe that using emoji to replace practical actions is unhealthy, easily affecting relationships. If you want to have a good relationship, remember that kisses, holding hands, hugs, gifts… cannot be replaced by phone icons.

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