Telenor Monthly Free WhatsApp Package

Telenor free WhatsApp Packages min

WhatsApp has become popular and useful in some time. It allows the user to talk with his close ones, families or friends in just few MBs of Internet, you talk to them through voice call you make audios and also the users send images. For this much usage Telenor provides its users different varieties of WhatsApp Internet packages. To help its customers Telenor has presented multiple packages with affordable price.

One of the most used offer of Telenor for Whatsapp is,

in this offer the user has to pay RS 1 in which the user is offered fifty MB for Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook etc

But this offer is available for a day only. Social media network are being usedĀ  everywhere and it is likely to people. From Facebook to twitter and WhatsApp all networks have their own acceptance and values. Telenor Pakistan isĀ  giving the best Whatsapp Packages compared to other network companies. One of the most likely and exciting package of Telenor is in which the user can use Whatsapp without paying anything and that also for days. Telenor presents the customers the best-in-class 4G with improved speed and prices which everyone can afford.

For Telenor 4G offers will work both on 4G, 3G and 2G. Many people prefer to use Telenor because the user is not only allowed to use on app but even more, it has a great Internet speed and also its price is less.

Telenor WhatsApp Packages contain other features also like free SMS and free calls which make it combo of all resources.

Telenor also offer the users with another free Whatsapp package in which the user gets free 2 GB for thirty days. Telenor free Whatsapp need only RS 0.01 at the time of activation of the free package.

To Activate Free Whatsapp package for whole month just Dail *247# on Telenor number

This offer is available only for the Telenor users. Whenever the package is expired the user is given a notification about it. Telenor cares for its users and that’s why it has introduced a lot of offers from which some are based on months, some for weeks, and some for days. The user can choose any according to their needs and requirements. These offers are very likely for the speed of the Internet. The user just has to dial on the number required to activate the offer. The user can also change his package from one to another during one is activated but then the previous offer will be expired.

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