How to Make Delicious Soy Milk Very Easily at Home


Once you know how to do it, you will confidently produce delicious and nutritious soy milk for the whole family, especially in this hot season.

How to make delicious, non-freezing soy milk at home

As a delicious and nutritious beverage that brings many benefits to health, physique and skin, soy milk is loved by many people, especially women.

However, instead of buying soy milk from outside with no quality assurance, many women have made their own soy milk at home, both delicious and safe. The way to make soy milk is not too difficult. Organica has listed the steps to produce a delicious batch of soy milk without freezing, you can refer to.

Ingredients for making soy milk include:

  • 200g soya beans
  • 1 liter of filtered water
  • 100g granulated sugar
  • 1 raw cloth
  • Grinder/blender

How to make soy milk

Step 1: Prepare ingredients


First, buy soybeans, wash them, and soak them in filtered water (water to cover the beans) for 8-10 hours. Do not forget to remove damaged seeds, seeds floating on top. After soaking, you take it out, wash it once with clean water, let it dry.

Step 2: Proceed to grind soybeans


You have 1.5 liters of clean water available (boil if possible). Put the beans in the mortar (a blender will do). Each time you grind, you need ¼ beans and about 200-250ml of water to grind together. Keep going until it’s over. If you like condensed milk, you can divide it into 2 grinds and reduce the amount of water.

Step 3: Filter the beans


Place the cloth bucket on top of a large pot. Slowly pour in the ground bean juice, lift the cloth, and gently squeeze it with your hand to remove all the water from the bean residue. Filter a second time so that the bean residue does not fall into the milk. Just filter it all to get the pure soy milk. Soybean residue can be used to fertilize plants very well.

Step 4: Proceed to cook soy milk


Put the soybeans in a pot, bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce the heat to low. If adding sugar,/milk, pay attention to stir to dissolve sugar and milk, avoid burning sugar at the bottom of the pot.

To make the pot of soy milk fragrant, you can add a few washed pandan leaves, line the bottom of the pot, then add the milk to boil.

How to store soy milk after cooking?
After the soy milk is completely cooked and cooled, pour it into a glass bottle (don’t store milk in a plastic bottle) and close the lid, then put it in the refrigerator to preserve. Soy milk should not be stored in a thermos, because this is an easy environment for bacteria to multiply. If stored in a thermos bottle, it should only be kept for 4 hours, avoid keeping it for a long time, the milk will be degraded, no longer delicious, even counterproductive.

It’s best to drink up to where the sugar is mixed, so drink all the milk in 24 hours. If you want to drink hot soy milk, boil it when drinking, but absolutely do not store it hot. To enjoy the best soy milk, you should cook just enough to drink, not make much.

If you want to use soy milk for a long time, you can choose organic soy milk that is both delicious and convenient.

How to drink soy to improve health, slim, beautiful skin?

Although soy milk offers many health benefits. However, nutritionists say that in order to promote the benefits of soy milk, users need to know the following notes:

The best time to drink soy milk

According to Kanzaki tomoko – a Japanese nutritionist, there are two times when drinking soy milk the most, including:

Drink in the morning when you wake up with breakfast to filter and eliminate toxins
Drink 1-2 hours before bed: Support weight loss, because at this time the body easily absorbs Isoflavones in soy milk, well control fat regeneration at night.
In particular, do not drink soy milk when hungry, it is best to eat with bread, cakes … starch will help the body secrete gastric juice and the nutrients in milk are absorbed thoroughly.

Drink 200ml/day

Soy milk is delicious but should only drink 200ml/day. Do not drink a lot of soy milk at the same time, you should divide it into several batches to drink better. Can be combined with other ingredients such as almonds, chocolate… to change the taste. In particular, it is recommended to drink soy milk when it is warm so that the body can best absorb the minerals in soy.


To make soy milk, the quality of soybeans plays an extremely important role. Some risks when choosing poor quality soybeans that you need to know are as follows:

  • Beans with chemical and preservative residues have potential health risks in the long run
  • Damaged beans, weevils, affect the taste, quality and shelf life of milk.

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